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March 31, 2005 : News
WebDivisor Sheds Light on Web Hosting Consumer Trend
Glendale, CA (March 31, 2005) - Web hosting consumers are now rolling the dice instead of making decisive business decisions. This trend has plagued web hosting providers and consumers in the U.S. since late 2001. As wicked as this new trend may be, it continues to tower as new potential consumers fall into the trap of lowered consumer expectations. Investments are being protected by degrading your consumer expectations only to counter with small savings that end up costing you a lot more down the internet stretch.

WebDivisor, which provides hosting solutions for small and medium sized businesses, has taken major steps to try and rectify this problem. By allowing customer satisfaction, reliability, security and affordability to flourish, we can do our part to ensure that decisive business decisions are made. The key factor for every company's success should be the consumers determining factor for satisfaction. However, consumers should also keep in mind that you can not skimp on customer satisfaction, reliability and security for affordability.

In addition, WebDivisor CEO Hayk Abramyan, a consumer advocate, calls on other web hosting providers to end this trend and start raising consumer awareness to new heights.

"The daunting task of eradicating this trend can be minimized by having each individual company take ethical alternatives to success," Abramyan said. "A lot of businesses depend on us for quality of service and we can not let them down. By raising consumer awareness to new heights and including care with all of our solutions, we can set a standard for potentials to follow."

WebDivisor has set the building blocks of eradicating this trend and knows that time itself will lead to the joint cooperation of the entire industry.

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