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Hosting Solutions Feature Summary
Some of our hosting solutions feature specifications are listed below for your convenience. Feature availability should be checked with your current web hosting account specifications.

Hosting Solutions Feature Summary : Hosting Solutions
Data transfer is the amount of data sent into or out of our network from your web hosting account. Data transfer is usually calculated in gigabytes (one gigabyte is 1024 megabytes, one megabyte = 1048576 kilobytes.) In a real world scenario, if you were serving 50 kilobyte pages and on an average were serving 5 pages per user. Then ten gigabytes of traffic would be more than 40000 visitors each month.
Disk storage is the amount of data that resides on your server. Disk storage is usually calculated in either megabytes or gigabytes. You should keep in mind that your web hosting account already comes with pre-loaded software and features that would also be using your disk storage quota.
A static IP address is a number assigned to a computer by an internet service provider to become its permanent internet address. In a real world scenario, when someone visits www.WebDivisor.com, your computer then automatically queries a domain name system for the permanent internet address of WebDivisor’s web site server. Without a static IP address, you would then need to update your domain name system record each time your computer either restarts or releases its dynamic IP.
All web hosting solutions with WebDivisor come with a free one year domain registration or transfer. Configure any hosting solution and your free domain name registration will automatically be added to your cart. Your domain registration or transfer will be sent for processing immediately once you process your order. Once your hosting solution and domain name order has been processed and validated, it could then be administered via member services on demand.
Our always available domain name system (DNS) servers are built to handle heavy loads of incoming traffic quickly and efficiently. We even cluster and cache our DNS so that even during peak performance usage, our DNS servers will still respond with lighting fast speed.
We handle all customer support related inquiries online due to the restrictions that phone support has. Complex web site addresses and other types of information can not be exchanged as quickly and as efficiently as online support. Our priority online support allows our customers to get in touch with WebDivisor on demand through our customer support interface. This also streamlines the business process and allows us to pass the savings on to you.
You can quickly and easily view your current credit card on file, update your billing information and view your current or past 6 months billing statements online. All bills posted to your account include a short description, putting the confusion behind and allowing you to do business more efficiently.
This is the number of e-mail boxes that your web hosting accounts basic features support. Your created e-mail boxes will allow you to send and receive e-mail at your own customized domain name.
This is the number of e-mail auto responders that your web hosting accounts basic features support. Your created e-mail auto responders will allow you to automatically send a customized e-mail of receipt upon receiving any new e-mails. This can be very resourceful when used properly to brand your business identity.
This is the number of e-mail aliases that your web hosting accounts basic features support. Your created e-mail aliases allows you to automatically forward any or all incoming e-mail messages to another mailbox of your choice in or out of the network. The best part of using e-mail aliases is that the person e-mailing you never knows the e-mail was actually forwarded to another location.
GnuPG is a piece of software that adds privacy to all e-mails sent out through our network. GnuPG encrypts your e-mail so that no one else but your intended recipient can read it. This piece of software has proven itself to be resistant to even the most sophisticated forms of analysis aimed at decrypting the encrypted text.
IMAP and POP3 support allows you to connect to your e-mail server with any third party e-mail clients. Some of the e-mail clients that support IMAP & POP3 include Eudora, Outlook and Outlook Express.
A database consists of structured data ready to be manipulated on demand. Databases play a major role in computers as either stand alone utilities or parts of other applications. Your database may contain anything from a simple shopping cart list or can be as complex as a full fledged online account information store. In order to access, store or even manipulate database contents, you will need database management software like mSQL/mySQL.
This simple shopping cart software allows you to add all your products to a one page html document that will sort your products based on price, quantity and other attributes you set. It also creates custom receipts as well as notifies you and your customer once the order has been submitted.
Shared SSL allows you to encrypt sensitive data before it is transmitted through your web browser. The SSL pad lock icon lights up when your users are protected by SSL, greatly increasing customer trust when exchanging sensitive information on your web site.
SSH is the industry standard for encrypting terminal services and file transfer over the internet.
Server side includes allows you to embed other files into your web pages and have them execute when the page is loaded.
Password protected directories allows you to protect directories with unique login combinations so that only authorized personnel may gain access.
PHP is a server side, cross platform, HTML embedded scripting language.
Chat room software that you can install on your web site that allows your users to converse about topics you set or random topics set by users.
Volano chat rooms include the ability to have personal or restricted chat rooms, as well as public and all access rooms. The Volano chat room series are all far more sophisticated than regular java chat rooms.
Microsoft FrontPage web site creation and management tools give you everything you need to easily create and manage your web site. You are although required to own your own copy of FrontPage in order to use your FrontPage extensions to publish your web site contents.
Our Real Helix Media Server provides full support for RealMedia technology from RealNetworks in order to stream audio and video from your web site. Streaming allows your users to see and hear your multimedia files before having to download them to their local hard drive first.
Miva Empresa engine enables your server with XML based Miva script. Miva script applications running under Miva Empresa execute in a sandboxed and runtime environments. Special virtual domains and shared server features let busy site administrators create per user and per domain runtime environments.
Wireless application protocol ready web sites allow your current or potential customers to view your web site from mobile and wireless devices.
CGI-Bin is a directory setup with special permissions to auto-execute user defined scripts. CGI is programming language that is used to accomplish tasks not supported by HTML such as guest books and web site hit counters. You may use this directory to execute any CGI scripts that you write or ones that have already been written for you. The CGI-Bin directory is specially designed for scripts ending in *.pl. Scripts that end in *.cgi will execute from any directory on your web site.
We offer several pre-written CGI scripts for you to use on your web site. These scripts include hit counters, shopping cart system, guest book, bulletin board system, visitor link pages, random quote displayers and much more.
Custom MIME types allow you to serve multiple content types such as MIDI files, special audio formats and more.
Three different Unix shells are available to allow you to choose which you are most comfortable in scripting in.
Emacs is an extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor that is used in a Unix shell.
Pine is an easy to use Unix shell based e-mail client that organizes your e-mails complete with address book, sent items and inbox. Vi, Joe and Pico are text editors that let you create and edit files within SSH. Elm is a very simple e-mail program that lets you send and receive e-mails from within your SSH shell. Cron Tab is very similar to an alarm clock, it executes set commands at user defined times. HTAccess lets you setup password protected directories within your web site.
Majordomo is a very flexible tool for interacting with your existing or potential customers. This interactive style newsletter allows all subscribers to distribute information to everyone on the list. There are many configurable features including automatic subscribe and unsubscribe options.
Custom error documents allow you to get the most out of broken links and missing documents on your web site. By placing a file on your web sites main directory called missing.html, you will be able to provide a customized page to any viewer that request broken links or missing documents from your web site.
This is the number of SSH users that your web hosting accounts basic features support. SSH is a telecommunication software utility that allows you to connect to a remote machine. Once you are connected to the remote terminal, you can then start using SSH for its intended purposes.
This is the number of FTP users that your web hosting accounts basic features support. FTP allows you to connect and manipulate your web site and contents any time you choose. WebDivisor’s FTP servers are compatible with any FTP client of your choice.
Anonymous FTP gives you the capability of setting up a public space on your web site where anonymous users can upload/download files from your web server using FTP.
Online account management allows you to administer all key aspects of your web hosting services from the convenience of our member services area.
We conduct daily tape backups of your sites data files and your e-mail spool file. In the event that you loose or corrupt any of your data, you may request a restore from our technical support department.
Raw access logs are text logs showing every hit and other statistics about your web site. You can use these log files for statistical analysis by importing them into software like MediaHouse LiveStats or any other site analysis software.
Graphical referrer logs are very valuable pieces of information used to determine if marketing campaigns are paying off. This extended logging feature documents where each visitor has came from to your web site. It will also give you additional information including keywords used to find your web site, referring web site addresses and more.
Wusage is a very powerful tool for graphically tracking visitors to your web site. It provides you with statistics on how long visitors stay on your web site, what pages they have visited and the order which they were visited. It also provides the most popular entry/exit pages, what browsers your visitors use, which countries your site is most popular among and even referring web site/search engine statistics.
The bandwidth consumption meter will allow you to view real-time statistics on how many gigabytes of data transfer your web site is utilizing. Bandwidth consumption meter will also show projections for the week and month ahead.
The disk usage meter will allow you to view real-time statistics on how many megabytes of disk storage your web site is utilizing. Disk usage meter also breaks down usage details to files, directory or entire web site.
Various plugins are installed on WebDivisor's servers including: Vream, Voxware, Vivo Active, Midi, IPIX, Sizzler, Fractal, FutureSplash, Infinop Image Compression, VocalTec Internet Phone, TrueSpeech Digital Audio and VRML.
Various types of scripting languages and shells are installed on WebDivisor’s servers.
IMail is the leading Windows based e-mail system, allowing for easy web-based administration of your POP3 e-mail accounts. In addition, each user can change individual passwords, setup forwarding, autoresponders and other important e-mail options around the clock.
ASPQMail works just like ASPMail except that the messages are queued for delivery. This allows you to free your ASP scripts from the delay involved in delivering an e-mail message.
This is the number of DSN’s that your web hosting accounts basic features support. All DSN’s created will point to a Microsoft Access database file within your web site. The database file is placed in a data directory outside of the contents directory of your web site for security purposes.
This is the size of your SQL Database in megabytes that your web hosting accounts basic features support. Microsoft SQL Server is a robust enterprise-caliber relational database server that is designed for enterprise databases.
Microsoft Access comes bundled in Microsoft Office and enables you to connect to your production database for easy management. FoxPro is a popular database that can be deployed for high-end database functionality.
OLEDB (Object Linking and Embedding), a Microsoft technology, is a system level programming interface that exposes database management and functionality.
MDAC allows you to access and use data from various relational and non-relational data sources. The MDAC component includes ActiveX Data Objects, OLE DB and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC).
ODBC.NET Data Provider is a native component to the .NET Framework version 1.1. This component provides access to native ODBC drivers. ODBC.NET Data Provider is intended to work with all compliant ODBC drivers, but only the following drivers have been tested with the ODBC.NET Data Provider: Microsoft SQL ODBC Driver, Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle, Microsoft Jet ODBC Driver.
Remote SQL database management allows you to connect to MS SQL 2000 databases using SQL clients such as Enterprise Manager or Query Analyzer.
ColdFusion MX allows you to build and deploy powerful web applications and web services with far less training and fewer lines of code.
ASP.NET and the .NET Framework makes building real world web applications dramatically easier and more efficient. ASP.NET server controls enable you to build declarative style programming that lets you build great web pages with far less code than with classical ASP. With ADO.NET built in the .Net Framework, you can more quickly and easily manipulate a wide range of databases faster.
The .NET Mobile Internet Toolkit, an extension for ASP.NET, gives you the tools needed to quickly deploy web applications for a wide variety of mobile devices.
Web services allow you to create your own application programming interface to facilitate the needs of third party web sites. Your third parties can then create a client application that would access the features of the API in a programming model of their choice.
Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is an XML format for describing network services used for facilitating communication between applications.
Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is a XML based protocol used for exchanging information in distributed environment.
.NET DLL’s allow you to separate the business logic layer and presentation layer of a web page. All .NET DLL’s should be stored in a folder named /bin on the root of your web site.
Active Server Pages (ASP), a server side scripting platform, allows you to create dynamic web pages that utilize ActiveX scripting.
We install the most commonly used ASP components from ServerObjects.com. Some of these components installed include ASPMail, ASPPOP3, ASPHTTP, ASPDNS and ASPImage.
Microsoft Index Server is a full-text search service for Internet Information Server (IIS). MS Index Server allows you to search documents with your web browser for keywords, phrases or even attributes.
An XML Parser allows you to read, update, create and manipulate XML documents.
ActivePerl is Perl for a Win32 environment and contains most of the functionality found in Perl, with the addition of extra Win32 API specific calls. ActivePerl is setup in a directory with special permissions to auto execute user defined scripts programmed around the Common Gateway Interface(CGI) model.
Windows Media Services provide support for streaming audio from your web site. Streaming allows your users to hear your multimedia files before having to download them to their local hard drive first.
LiveStats Web Statistics software provides comprehensive visitor reports from your web sites log files created by Internet Information Services (IIS).
When we design your web site, we will optimize it for many of the most popular search engines used today. The optimization process includes, embedding custom keywords and descriptions, generating custom meta-tags and creating an easy to crawl web interface for search engine bots.
Per your request, we will submit your web site manually to many major search engines. You should be aware that inclusion is not guaranteed and the acceptance of inclusion is solely based on that particular search engine. However, we will make our best attempt to get your web site listed.
When we begin designing on your web site, we will begin an initial phase of consultation. This free consultation will allow our web designers to understand exactly what your needs, goals and available contents are before we begin the actual design work. After the design work is completed, we will begin the follow up phase of consultation. The follow up phase of consultation will allow us to fine tune your web site to your choosing.
When we design your web site, we will include care with every single line of code and displayed presentation objects. The care that we will include with our web site design will allow you to represent your online identity in a more professional light.
When we design your web site layout, we will include the basic navigational fundamentals that should be incorporated into any professional web site design. The layout we create for your online identity will remain through out in your web site, allowing your visitors to find their way around more easily.
This is the number of web site pages that your contents can be placed on.
This is the number of web site graphics that we will include into your web site.
This is the number of web site links that we will include into your web site.
This mail server setup enables you to send and receive e-mail through your domain at mail.youractualdomain.com.
The web based e-mail interface allows you to access your e-mail messages through the web without using any third party e-mail clients.
Mail lists are a cost effective way of communicating with your customers through monthly newsletters, sales messages or even friendly hellos. Each list can hold up to 1000 names and a 75 KB message can be emailed to all the lists members.
XML is a simple yet very flexible text format derived from SGML (ISO 8879). XML is playing an increasingly important role in the exchange of a wide variety of data on the Web and other electronic forms of communication.
Jscript is a scripting language developed by Microsoft and used for designing interactive websites. Jscript shares many of the features and structures of the full Java language, however it was developed independently. Jscript can interact with the HTML source code which in turn allows webmasters to create better websites with dynamic content.
Payflow Pro is a payment processing solution provided by VeriSign and is recommended for merchants who require direct control over payment processing functionality on their website. Payflow Pro allows you to process orders received offline through the virtual terminal or can be integrated using simple API.

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